Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh Friday! (A/K/A This Week Has Kicked My Butt)

Transparent LanguageIt's been a week.  Wow.  Not bad.  Not awesome.  Just.  Wow.

  • Memorizing is really important.  Especially when you still have the facilities to do it.  So that means, when you're young take advantage of it.  And, parents, that means it's your job to push those little ones along.  This week my children had to recite what they've memorized in front of various adults of various (authoritative) positions.  They were a little disappointed when the process was done and they realized that the other kids got away with not memorizing.  Life lesson learned there.  Sadly.

  • Spring is really hard weather to dress in.  I don't mean I'd rather be naked in the Spring, but rather that in Michigan it's such a mixed bag it's just a mess for the fashionable.  Even for the unfashionable.  Waders, down jacket, cropped pants and T Shirt anyone?

  • Adults can be really sweet to children.  I think some don't even realize that one kind word - one shared joke - one (even small) compliment can lift a child's spirit beyond the moon.

  • Adults can be really mean to children.  And it's worse when an adult really wants to be mean to a child's PARENTS but isn't bold enough to do that so they take it out on the child.  Nasty.  Immature.  Hard to explain.

  • My children constant surprise me.  I've been doing this parenting thing for 18 years.  I still don't go a week without a surprise in some form.  Thankfully it's not longer of the "ooh - what's in that diaper?" variety....but still...surprises.  Good AND bad.  I suppose it would be horribly boring without the surprises.  I suppose.

  • Lots of women lose weight because they are either afraid they will lose their husband or because they plan on losing their husband when the weight is gone.  Vanity is a bugger.

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