Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gold Rush!

In a world of economic ups and downs.  Some more of the latter for many, is it any wonder that there is a show that has some quirky characters engaging in what seems like a bit of a lottery but by the sweat of their brow rather than by the turning over of cash for a piece of paper.

Yes - I mean Toddlers and mean Gold Rush.

Not since California has the idea of a gold rush been more captivating.  And, thanks to television, I can now pretend to venture through Alaska and dig some holes hoping for a few pieces of the shiny bling.  Of course, we sit as a family and comment on things like:

"You know how much that piece of equipment would cost?"

     "I bet he was rich before he started this."

"Even if they don't find gold, they're getting paid to be on TV."

Yes, we are apparently a cynical TV bunch yet in spite of these comments I do love me some Gold Rush.  Maybe it's the idea that a fortune can come up from the ground, yet it comes with it the requirement that sweat and labor be invested?  Perhaps it's just the idea of watching people do things I would never do, yet I could watch Jersey Shore for that yet I'd rather have a hot poker to the eye than do that.  I think it's that drive that should be innate in all of us - that if we work hard enough and put in enough time we will reap something worthwhile (humanly speaking). 

I'm not sure - I just know that when Gold Rush is on we watch and wonder and wait to see if a little gold will be on the bottom of the pan.