Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lazy Cake

There are days when my cooking (and definitely my baking) must be time...minimal ingredients on hand....better TV to watch....whatever the excuse....

On those days the cake comes from a box mix and it gets baked in a 9x13.  There is nothing wrong with baking a cake in a 9x13.  For most of my childhood I assumed this is how all cakes are baked.  Yes, I was sheltered.  But Martha Stewart was still married and far too busy to be making housewives feel inferior.

But lazy baking doesn't have to be blah.  Here's today's lazy cake:

Baked in a 9x13 dish, the frosting reflects the cake and it's quite fun (in spite of being lazy).

1 - Duncan Hines marble cake mix - mixed and baked as directed
1/2 - Betty Crocker Dark Fudge frosting (yes - just half)

microwave the 1/2 frosting for about 20 seconds

1/2 - Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting (yup - half again)

add to the previously microwaved - pop in again for about 15 seconds

Drizzle over top starting in middle - just let it move around on the cake.  Reserve a few tablespoons to cover empty corners (like the one in the lower left of the picture).

It will eventually harden a bit...the pretty look of a marble glaze - the taste (and ease) of plain ol' frosting.

Lazy Cake today....I don't think anyone here will be complaining.