Sunday, September 2, 2012

Of Old Lady Backs

I'm laying (lying?  I always got those mixed) bed....the family is at church and my back won't cooperate.  My children have been enjoying the moments of me walking hunched over, calling me "old lady" and "grandma".  I would chase them down and pummel them if I could.  I'm not moving fast enough.  Lucky kids.

So I sit/lay with a laptop and I'm reading more facebook posts than is perhaps good for the spirit.  Well, good for me since my big mouth can translate into busy fingers and, really, I'm better just not saying/typing anything when I'm feeling a bit funkish.  But it does occur to me that more often than not we all see the planks in our neighbor's eyes.  The 'friend' who repeatedly posts about her bad health posted something that was supposed to be funny about whiners.  Not even thinking that most are probably reading the whiner thing as so very ironic coming from her.

The 'friend' who routinely espouses all that is Republican and enjoys a joke or two at the expense of those on government assistance is busy posting photos from his quick weekend trip somewhere warm - the kind of trip that no one living a truly middle class life is able to take.  In doing so he has espoused some of what people find wrong with the politics he enjoys supporting....a disconnect with what it means to be in need.

Just to be fair, a 'friend' of the Democrat persuasion is also busy posting photos of her recent world wind vacation with her family.  It's lovely.  It's the kind of trip I wish I could take my kids on.  The next week she posted about really needing health insurance for her daughter and wishing she knew how to find some she could afford and isn't it great that Obamacare is gradually making it better.  The disconnect between how many months of health insurance could have been purchased with the money spent on the vacation is not (I hope) obvious just to me.

This is one of the many, many inherent problems with airing a life on social media.  We are a people of short memories.  We may forget that we just posted about our financial woes...just a couple weeks before we posted about our shopping trip, new vehicle, great vacation.  We post lovely, deeply moving quotes from Scripture.....followed by weekend posts about how we had a bit too much to drink in the bar with our friends.  And don't forget that if we have told a friend we are too busy to go to dinner because we'll be out of town....well, if we then post about what we're doing in town on that very day....well, lying became harder to cover.

So this old lady with the back...well, she has time to read so many posts that her muscle spasm is groaning just a bit more.  My head is spinning just a bit.  My moral compass is spinning.  And I'm cleaning out my conflicting posts because the people whose posts I'm reading?  They're not the only ones openly contradicting themselves.  A little introspection is good for the soul (and back)....a lot of delete key is even better!