Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Favorite Hamburger

Yes, it's true:  I'm not vegan

I tried.  Once.  For about 48 hours.  I don't think it made me healthier because the crabbiness made my blood pressure soar.  I have sworn off veganism and I claim Biblical commands to subdue all of the earth just so that I feel better about myself when I eat meat.  It works.

To that end, our favorite hamburger for grilling at home.  And I did forget to take photos so you'll have to trust me that it tastes good rather than relying on food porn to convince yourself.

Quantity note:  This recipe is used to feed five people...two of whom are male teenagers, one an adult male, the other two are normal humans.  Adjust as needed...

2 lbs ground round
1 lb ground turkey (I use the middle of the road in terms of fat content)
1/8 cup A1 steak sauce
1/8 cup finely diced yellow could use dry minced - reduce the amount
1/2 T garlic salt
1/4 t cracked black pepper

I try to shoot for quarter pound patties just because the math is easier for me - meaning about a dozen balls of meat out of this which of course will shrink down on the grill or broiler.

ONION HATERS - note that the onion should be finely diced - not looking for big chunks here - it lends a lot of flavor and was not offensive to our resident onion haters.  If the very thought of adding onion in chunk form to anything makes you want to swear off vegetables, consider at least adding 1/2 t (little 't' here) onion salt. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Little Random Randomness

Randomness on this Memorial Day....

Marriages ending make me sad.  Regardless the reason.  I think we (the husband & I) may be entering that stage in life (noooo...not a divorce announcement)...that stage where couples we know determine to divorce.  These are couples with a religious leaning - not random 'heathens'.  We even asked the question a few days ago, "When couple friends divorce do we have to pick one - or can we never have the two over at the same time?"

Today's Facebook observation - people who insist on posting the restaurant they are at with whomever they are with are very insecure.  Creating a pseudo-life by posting that you just had a plate of 'shrimp' at Red Lobster isn't's kind of sad.  I'd be more fascinated by someone's life if they had the guts to post each time they were sitting in a bathroom somewhere (or standing...sorry guys)

We go through a lot of milk in this house.  But lately I'm noticing that we go through a lot of deodorant and disposable razors.

I don't like people making assumptions about my time.  I know - that's vague....  I don't feel like writing an entire post about the abuse of stay at home moms by the working outside the home does bother me when there are assumptions made about me having a lot of free time and the ability to quick do something at the last minute - whether it's work or volunteering or what have you.  I don't mind being asked....I mind the assumption that I will certainly have free time.  It's vague....if you're reading this rest assured there's a really good chance it's not about's just one of those observations that I feel compelled to type.

Sometimes I wish people could appreciate my children the way I do.  And typing this makes me realize I probably don't tell my children near enough that I appreciate them.

It's sad when people of faith are mean to each other.

I often wonder why people pay for gym memberships AND pay for housecleaners and/or lawn service.  Have they never realized how many calories are burned by cleaning or mowing?  (Of course they have - but it's not as impressive to post this activity on Facebook.)