Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Comerica Park & The Red Sox Was A Win....(In spite of a loss....)

Saturday found two excited kids and an equally excited dad driving to Detroit - home of the Tigers but, more importantly, temporary site of the Boston Red Sox.  It was a big game and it was some sort of hallmark for the children involved.

It's been a long hard road around here the past few years.  We watched a successful business crumble with the crumbling of not just an economy but, moreso, because of the crumbling of an arm.  There was fallout from that experience which we expected and didn't expect - ties that bind both strengthen and weaken in these situations.  We experienced both.  The weakening ties were hardest and most shocking but, in retrospect, it's been a good a thing.

There was a type 1 diabetes diagnosis which has forever changed our lives but, obviously, even more the life of the little girl living with it.  This has meant a life revolving around insulin and meters and doctors and hormones.  And it's meant that the weakened ties left her a bit alone during all of this - treated as if this all was rather inconsequential - 'no big deal'.

It's just been a lot.  So come April 2012 and a trip to a baseball was meaningful.  Our son said, "It feels like things are getting a little better".  Our daughter just beamed.  Non-stop.  And the dad that could do this for his baseball nutty kids may have grown just a bit himself - prideful - but in a good way...the kind a dad/husband should have.  This game - this occasion - this hallmark.  It felt good.  It felt solid.  And in spite of a Red Sox loss, it felt like a win.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Budget Burnout....

Spring often marks budget burnout season for me.

Christmas would be the logical time but, thankful, Christmas is the same exact time every year.  Isn't that marvelous?!?  And since Christmas starts around July each year, I have plenty of time to figure out that and the budget juggle.

Spring, however, marks new life and new fiscal challenges.  Certain things just 'happen' and I can't put away enough to be ready - this year, for instance:

  • BASEBALL...who knew that a child who never showed much interest would announce his intent to play.  Play ball!  Trying to find men's size 13 cleats at a resale store or on Craigslist is not easy.  Seems size 13s have joined some cult that pledges to not resell any footwear to desperate moms of bigfooted children. 
  • life....but some how the house just looks dirty.  I struggle this time of year with all the projects I want to 'quick' do and the funding that I know isn't there.  So I scrub and rearrange - hope for a good garage sale or two - and just try really hard to be thankful for a home.
  • SCHOOL....the goal is to have the tuition all paid up by now.  It's not always easy.  We work second jobs and do side jobs and sell what isn't needed.  But it's hard.  I'm glad when summer comes and we can start trying to squirrel more $ away for the coming year.  This commitment to train up our children in the Lord as constantly as possible is huge.

Living without credit cards is a good good thing.  Trust me.  We don't amass extra debt. 

We also don't take fantabulous vacations or shop a lot for the new outfits that are absolutely necessary.  And we pray for contentment - for us and our children.

So come spring we have fresh flowers, lovely green grass, birds and sun...and budget burnout....  But never fear...summer is a'coming.