Sunday, January 29, 2012

Very Berry Kefir Smoothie

Finding a way to incorporate Kefir into life - beyond our everyday standard issue pour in glass, drink.

This was mixed in a very typical blender - used the 'liquify' button - resulted in a bit over 32 ounces of smoothie.


2 cups ice
1 cup organic strawberry kefir
1 cup organic diced strawberries
2 cups organic blueberries
1/2 organic banana - chopped (mine was previously frozen)
1 capri sun juice bag!  Yes...really...smacks the organic in the face but it's very low in carbs and the liquid was needed.  Any flavor will do.

Roast by any other name....

I adore this way of making a cheap cut of meat (chuck roast) taste a bit closer to a million bucks than the $14.36 it actually cost.  I'm an eyeball it cook and a precise baker.  The photo is as close to accurate as I get.  But one thing I missed - the canola oil.

Heat some canola oil in a big enough Dutch oven or simply use a deep enough chef's pan knowing you'll be transferring into something else. 

I used 1/2 the yellow onion - chopped.  Add it to the meat - which has been rubbed with salt, pepper, & CUMIN - as it's quick searing in the oil.  Throw in some of that garlic too...I like garlic....I LOVE garlic...and I love the convenience of organic in a jar.  I probably used the equivalent of four whole garlics! 

Transfer the meat to an oven-safe dish you can cover or keep it in the Dutch oven.  Add the can of diced tomatoes, 1 cup of raisins, a bit more salt & pepper.  If your canned tomatoes did not have much liquid, consider 1/2 cup of tomato juice.

COOK IT...Low...and....Slow....250F for about 2 hours for a 5lb roast.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blame it on the Solar Flares

I have determined to blame my behavior on the recent solar disturbances.  The fact that I'm not tolerating certain behaviors is not because I'm judging (you?) - it's the environment I'm subjected to.  There - now I'm 100% American.

So some random (solar flare induced) observations:

  • If you don't want to be treated like a piece of meat don't wear words on your butt.

  • (see above) but don't wear T Shirts that are far too small with words on your chest.

  • Complain about the drains on government assistance only if you've never yourself been assisted.  And think hard before you assume you haven't - because if your company received a bail-out (and therefore your job was saved) congratulations - taxpayers saved your job...there are hosts of ways to be a "drain on government assistance"...think long and hard before you wade into that territory.

  • The concept of "fair" does not exist.  Get over it.  Move on.  Re-naming 'jealousy' as something other than it is doesn't make it so.  I tried re-naming 'fat' with 'slender'.  Didn't work.

  • Homeschooling your child for your own good will result in really bad homeschooling.  Homeschooling should be utterly inconvenient.  If you're doing it to save money, save time, take vacations in January, prevent germs...none of those are valid reasons and most can be de-bunked.  Just don't bother - there is nothing wrong with utilizing schools.

  • Whining is whining no matter how it's colored.  Call it informing - call it sharing - call it making people aware.  Doesn't matter.  It's whining.  Go ahead and whine.  It's your right.  Just call it what it is (see above re-naming).  And don't wonder later why you don't have friends.

  • Being a physically ill adult is awful.  No one wishes it on anyone.  (Okay - maybe they do - but we try not to...)  BUT if you had a life leading up to your illness that was free of illness.  If you didn't shoot up insulin at 7 or undergo chemo at 5.  If you didn't have a transplant at 12 or lose a limb when you were 10...well, it seems you are far better off than any ill child. 

  • Feel free to exercise and eat right.  Feel free to not share it with the entire human race until you have a proven track record.  I'm really just saving people from themselves here - because if you bought a $5,000 exercise machine, told us all about it....and never used it.  Well you'll just feel silly and get mad at the rest of us for asking how your workout program is going.

Remember - solar flares.  I can't help it.