Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Review: Regret Free Parenting

I received a copy of Regret Free Parenting  from the publisher...that is my disclaimer.  However, what I read and what I have to say probably wouldn't require a disclaimer.  Sometimes a book's title sucks a reader to it, in spite of what their usual preference for reading may be, because the title makes promises. Much like a diet supplement that makes the user pray that a pill will result in a twenty pound loss while sitting on the couch. "Regret free" anything is pretty much a goal of most individuals. "Regret Free Parenting", therefore, is certainly an attractive thought.

Our author is most definitely experienced, a licensed therapist for many years, Catherine Hickem's knowledge and the stories and experiences she's shared with people is most certainly applaudable and not in doubt. Nor is Ms. Hickem's ultimate goal in helping parents - most notably mothers - get past so many parenting nightmares and become "intentional" in all that they do.

The writing is clear, succinct, mostly to the point. The books is clearly divided and written at a level that is understandable. My concern, and the portion that leaves me at 2 stars, is the premise that intentional parenting = regret free parenting. The connection is tenuous at best and while good intentions are well and fine, the idea that by being intentional in my mothering, I will end up at regret-free...well, in this world the connection, to this reader, is just not possible.

Finally, the full title - which I purposely saved for the end of this posting - Regret Free Parenting: Raise Good Kids and Know You're Doing It Right ....it's an unusual premise and title for a piece of work coming from a Christian publisher....no mention of from Whom our help in raising these children comes from.  And, honestly, when my time of raising up my children is done I will be thankful and breathe a sigh of contentment if they end up as Christ-followers..."good kids" is not even on my radar.