Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Being 10 With Diabetes.....

Transparent Language......really stinks....
  • growing....growing is cool.  Growing throws off blood sugar.  Crazy.  Can't win this one.
  • hormones....I don't know if I'd call them "cool" but they are necessary.  Yup.  There goes the blood sugar.
  • the 10 year old I love is good at math.  But her life is now governed by numbers.  And that's not always fun.  Sometimes the challenge is at least interesting...not "fun"....and when the number is too too high that same 10 year old feels like she failed.  Big time.
  • lovely little brunette girl is a trooper.  These aren't bad.  But trying to look "normal" and needing shots at really inopportune times stinks.  Really stinks.
.......can have it's okay moments....

  • it can be hard being unique as a can be hard being unique, period.  This earns a gal some unique points.
  • when an athletic little girl has Type 1 diabetes, there are moments of utter bliss called post-sports low blood sugar.  Now I don't advocate low blood sugar, but...but....BUT....when they happen after, say, a basketball game?  Carbs!  Free carbs to get the level to a sane level.  That kind of rocks especially after a particularly hard week.

It's been "one of those weeks"....of super highs after weeks of lows....of tears shed over numbers.....a bit of mourning over what was (and perhaps not knowing what we had until it was a fully functioning pancreas).....but it wrapped up with some well-earned carb celebration thanks to two (plus) hours of basketball.  And the smile that resulted kind of wiped away the tears of a week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Mom, who did you tell first?"

Transparent LanguageIt seems that we all get to that age where we realize that the hallmark of friendship is "who did you tell first?".  My daughter reminded me of this tonight when she asked - quite out of the blue - who I told first about her diabetes.  She wanted to know who got the info while we were still in the trenches of the ER.  It was an interesting conversation and one of those moments where you realize that your little girl is becoming an older girl and remember a lot of the angst that comes with being a girl.  Who you tell first is integral to womanhood.

What I didn't add to my (short) list, was the fact that I don't think we should be blamed for not calling everyone first.  I mean, really, does "first" mean anything if everyone gets to be it?  It's like those darn "Participant" ribbons they started handing out for every athletic event in elementary school.  I mean, I'm not inherently cruel and I'm all for soothing the child who is crying over last place, encouraging the 8th place runner to perhaps shoot for 7th next time, and maybe even guiding a 4'1" hurdler into the 50 yard dash.  But I'm also all for acknowledging 1st and 2nd and 3rd....especially when we know those individuals really worked to earn these places.

So to with friendship.  I am blessed to count many as friends.  I'm uniquely blessed to count some old-time friends in that mix...the people that knew me back when.  And I have friends and acquaintances and family.  But someone had to be first and second and third.  And that's how it goes.  And I think it's okay. 

And in case you wonder, I'm okay with not being the first call for everyone....though I fully expect a call from a few friends rather than a participant ribbon.....