Monday, November 1, 2010

TRADITION! (tradition!)

Transparent LanguageNovember 1.

Today we have begun our school week with a customary journal entry.  Appropriately entitled "What I'm Thankful For", the resulting work has always been an interesting picture into the minds of my children.  We have, to quote Bing Crosby, "...plenty to be thankful for".  And I suppose we always do, it's just that sometimes we have to be rather Pollyanna about our list of thanks.

There are years when we have to say things like "Thankful that Grandma is with Jesus this year" or "Thankful that Dad didn't impale himself when falling off the roof" or my personal unfavorite "Thankful the cancer was caught in time so we could enjoy time together".  These are, truly, things to be thankful for.  Yet they are simultaneously salt in some very human wounds.  Being thankful is not necessarily an easy exercise.

Journal entries today included the following:

  • Dad has a job!
  • Grandpa is 87.
  • Ethan got better at cross country.
  • Mom is happy.
  • Dad doesn't have to work in the cold this year.
  • A house that is "mostly clean".  (hmmmm)
  • Dogs.
This year's list is very personal.  It didn't include material possessions (unless a "mostly clean house" counts as such) and it really pared down a lot of people.  I think this is a natural happening in life - sometimes people get pared and children are the first to take note in some way.  And that's okay.  And it's honest.  And though like the salt in human wounds, it hurts for a time, in the end there is thanks to be had.

November 1.  Tradition!